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Fire hose

Fire Hose India's first ever Double Jacket UL listed fire hose, This fire hose manufacturer is the benchmark hose that sets the standard other hose manufactures have to meet.

It has Outstanding Performance, Light Weight, Good abrasion resistance, Maintenance free, Excellent Weathering resistance and Best value for money with Extruded rubber lined

Service test pressure : 200psi for single Jacket and 300psi for Double Jacket

Hydrostatic Testing



Single Jacket

Double Jacket

   Hose Size  1½"




   Part No.  SJ-200  SJ-200  DJ-300  DJ-300
   Test Presure  400psi  400psi  600psi  600psi
   Elongation         <=  10  10  8  8
   Twist per foot     <=  72°/ft right

 36°/ft right

 30.6°/ft right

 12.6°/ft right

   Warp                <=  201in./50ft




   Rise                     <=  7in.  4in.  0  0
   Burst Pressure   <=  600psi




   Kink test            <=  300psi





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